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  • pdfInterim Case Management Director-Case Study
    This facility contracted with HCT Consulting for placement of key interim case management staff. The goal of the facility was twofold: stabilize the environment and improve current processes. The Interim Director implemented all key initiatives successfully and provided training workshops throughout her tenure. Senior leaders were briefed on the processes and practices necessary to sustain and build on early gains. An HCT Consulting-created performance management tool was implemented and provided senior leadership with a method for tracking results on a daily basis.
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    pdfInterim Chief Nursing Officer-Case Study
    A 275 bed, acute care facility realized how important it was to stabilize their environment as they searched for a permanent CNO. This facility contracted with HCT Executive Interim Solutions (HCTEIS) and within one week HCTEIS placed an experienced Interim CNO who would not only stabilize the environment but also assess and improve nursing processes. Implementation of all initiatives was accomplished under HCT Interim Directorship, thereby achieving impressive results.
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    pdfInterim ED Management-Case Study
    HCT Consulting was contacted by an acute-care medical center located in the Southeastern United States. This 350-bed facility engaged our company to provide leadership to their 24-bed Emergency Department (ED). HCT consultants were able to show substantial improvement in the operational metrics as well as customer satisfaction. During this time of change, an ED internal candidate, who was instrumental in all process changes (including staff accountability), was identified as a replacement for the interim resulting in the much-needed leadership stability in the department.
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    pdfChief Nursing Officer- Interim (II)
    A hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is vital to hospital operations. An opening in this position creates a gap which threatens a hospital’s bottom line. An effective CNO provides oversight to many critical areas: staffing, quality, patient satisfaction, throughput, patient length of stay, and recruitment and retention of nurses. Contracting an Interim CNO from HCT Consulting provides not only stability until the organization fills the open position but also provides improvement in these critical areas.
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